How I can help

Product Design

Designing and developing products from the first sketch to the final model. The development and ideation is based on analysis of target groups, research and observations as well as brainstormings. Form and function are being developed with help of sketches, technical drawings, function models and mock ups.


Design of layouts that are ready for print. Creating ads, brochures, manuals, flyer, posters, catalogues. Implementation of graphic products according your CI specifications. Consultation about graphic concepts and projects. Handling of layout, colours and fonts with style.


Creation of free illustrations (collage, hand drawn or computer generated images), vector based technical illustrations and info graphics. Presenting information in demonstrative, descriptive stlye.


Refinement of images, digital photo collage, picture editing and retouching.


Impartment of designing methods. Workshops about creating and working with layouts as well as creating designs with Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I have 5 years of teaching experience at the faculty of Design at University of Arts in Berlin.


I am a self-responsible and structured worker. My passion for detail and accuracy as well as a longtime experience in product and graphic design compose a reliable base for project work. Flexible employment of labour on-site or from afar is possible. I am fluent in German and English.

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