The classical wallpaper is rarely in use anymore and is nearly threatened with extinction. It’s continuity may be saved by a symbiotic partnership with a piece of furniture. The decorative material can become a functional object for storing objects.

„Frill“ is a design in wich the ornament dissolves from the surface and takes possession of the three dimensional space. Like a cascade the fabric falls from the wall and thereby creates voluminous folds that contrast and interact with the dark background. A bridge is being built between the walls and the space that they define. Various objects such as textiles, clothes, magazines or wine bottles, can be stored within the bulgy folds of the tough fabric. The outline of the cascading shape is emphasized by a reflecting ribbon. The textile panels can either be used as single pieces on an exclusive area of a wall, or be joint on a wide surface.


  • Design & Copyright Nina Farsen & Isabel Grupp, 2009
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